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Please click the Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner of any page. You can use the same sign-in account whether you're an organizer, recipient, or participant.

To sign up

Having a user account allows you to create and manage a Meal Train page, book or cancel a meal, receive a reminder email, subscribe to updates, and display all of the Meal Train pages in which you have been invited to participate. You can sign up with the following options:

  • Google Sign-in
  • Facebook Connect
  • Create an account using an email and password

Sometimes, when I enter my email address and password, I am redirected to the home page.

This is typically associated with your browser type, having multiple instances of open, or not logging out of a prior session.

  • Close ALL instances of any web browsers and possibly restart your computer. Then re-open a new browser window or browser type, enter your email, password, and then click the Sign In button manually. On some browsers, hitting the Enter key just refreshes the page.
  • Clear your "cookies" from your web browser.
  • Enable cookies on your computer.

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